Unicard Technologies Pvt Ltd | Fargo DTC4500
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Card Printer

Fargo DTC4500


Image of the Fargo DTC4500

The DTC4500 plastic card printer provides all the security of HID with all the reliability of Fargo for sharp, professional looking, high quality, completely secure ID cards and photo ID badges – easy and quick.

You get reliable, professional quality color ID cards and security encoding–all in one pass. Operation and supply replacement are both intuitive, making extensive training unnecessary.

With an unheard of combination of footprint flexibility, field upgradeability, ease of use, and ease of integration with other HID products, you’ll receive maximum value for your asset protection budget from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.


  • The Fargo YMCKO Color Ribbon has 5 Panels (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay) and offers 250 Card prints per ribbon.
  • This Ribbon is compatible with the Fargo DTC1000 ID Card Printers.
  • FARGO Certified Print Ribbons are designed specifically for creating durable, 24-bit color and grey scale images with extreme clarity and detail.
  • Ribbons are especially back-coated to extend Print head life.

PN#: TE45102

Cleaning Kit



  • To maintain your printer’s lifespan and performance, we recommend that it is cleaned every time a ribbon is changed and more often in dirty environments.
  • Plastic cards can have a high static charge and can attract a lot of dust and dirt.
  • This Cleaning Kit is used on the DTC1000, DTC4000 and DTC4500 ID Card Printers and include: 2 Printhead Cleaning Pens, 10 Cleaning Cards and 10 Cleaning Pads.