Unicard Technologies Pvt Ltd | Fire & Smoke Detection System
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Fire Alarm System
The fire alarm systems that we install are appreciated for their exclusive features. The main purpose of fire alarm system is to give warning of fire well in advance so that people can be evacuated the premises and immediate action can be taken to stop the fire as soon as possible. The Fire Alarm System can also be incorporated with AHU, AC supply, access control, fire fighting systems, BMS and others.


The alarms can be activated by using automatic detectors or by manual call point. The products that we offer are designed and install as per the requirements of the customers. Our competency lies in customizing to match the specifications provided by the client and deliver within the set time frame. The fire alarm system comes with the following components:

• Fire alarm panel Smoke detector
• Heat Detectors
• Beam Smoke detector
• Manual call point
• Response indicator
• Hooter and siren Strobe light
• Stand alone smoke detectors
• Stand alone heat detectors
• Stand alone LPG detector


Fire fighting equipments
We install a wide range of fire extinguishers that have gained huge acknowledgment for their efficiency. We also provide customized solutions to our clients’ by delivering the products as per their specifications. Our range is developed with different technical specifications such as:


Multipurpose ABC Type

• Suited for A B C & D Fires like wood, paper, cloth, liquid, petroleum, electrical, started fire and all classes of fire
• Multipurpose & Multi size available
• Available in BC powder
• ISI make products
• Approved by all Govt. 8 Pvt sectors
• Map 90 powder is also available


Fire Extinguisher Co2 Type

• Suitable for class B & C
• Fires involving material
• Like fabric, oil, gases
• Live electric & delicate machineries
• ISI make products
• Portable 8 Mobile fire extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher (AFFF Foam)

• Mechanical foam type fire extinguisher
• Suitable for Class A & B fires
• Involving flammable liquid. Petroleum products or where the blanketly effect is essential.
• Latest BIS Amendment
• Inside plastic lining
• Trolley type fire extinguisher is also available


Dry Chemical Powder

• Suitable for class BSC fires

• Flammable liquid, petroleum, flammable gases, also work effectively rapidly on plastic & electrical fire
• Also available in ABC powder
• ISI make products
• Approved by all govt. & Pvt. sectors
• Trolley mounted is also available in 25/50/75 kg capacity