Unicard Technologies Pvt Ltd | Smart card printer
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Smart Card Printers

Unicard Technologies provides Smart Card Printer and related equipments with latest technologies

The Smart card printer integrates with multiple operations and it functions in a single system to provide color, single and double-sided printers with best image quality and exceptional card durability. It prints on credit card, size looks like PVC cards that can later be placed in a badge holder, keep inside on lanyard, placed in a wallet or be clipped to a lapel. The card can use for various purposes to find visitor and vendor identification, Time and Attendance for in and out, Physical Access control for facilities and parking areas, Logical Access control for networks use, databases and PCs, Cashless vending and food service. It is a crisp card which looks very professional and it provides clear image, easy to read and hard to make duplication.

        The Smart card printers provide card in various application such as, Industries, Colleges & Universities, Federal Government, Financial, Health Care, Large Corporations, Loyalty & Membership, and Small to Medium Businesses and State & Local Government.


        For more details please feel free to contact us  info@unicard.in /support@unicard.in