Unicard Technologies Pvt Ltd | Time & Attendance
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Unicard Technologies provides Time & Attendance and related equipments with latest technologies.Time & Attendance System is the alternate solutions for using mechanical time – clock systems or paper-based timesheets. It protects the information or data from potential payroll fraud, provide electronic data and will provide confidence in the accuracy of salary payments. The Software that used in Time and Attendance system which allow the users to make easy and efficient control of attendance and punctuality in our companies. It enables employers to store, track and organize the most important employee time related information in one place. The users do not need any special computer skills are required to utilize the equipment. .

  • Unlimited customized schedules
  • Centralize the staff information
  • Permission and vacation management
  • Comparative analysis
  • Manual editing of events
  • Intelligent overtime processing
  • Security
  • Monthly summary
  • The most complete
  • Know at any moment where the employees

In Organizations, Companies and IT Factories gets Real time users information and labor data for working times, absences, attendance, tardiness, more related information, Easily obtain graphs and reports.